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I am an Associate Professor in the Industrial Engineering department at Balikesir University (Turkey) where I have been a faculty member since December 2009. I completed my Ph.D. at University of Exeter (UK) in 2015 upon completing my thesis on modelling and optimisation of complex assembly lines (funded by a 4-year scholarship from Turkish Council of Higher Education).

My research interests lie in the area of modelling and optimisation of modern manufacturing systems (assembly line balancing in particular), production planning of additive manufacturing machines and application of modern algorithms on sophisticated combinatorial optimisation problems. I have collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines, such as computer science and mechanical engineering. My publications appeared in various esteemed journals including Computers & Operations Research, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Computers & Industrial Engineering and Production Planning & Control. My research has been cited more than 300 times (based on Scopus metrics) by national and international scholars.

I have served as an Area Editor for An International Journal of Optimization and Control: Theories & Applications (IJOCTA) since 2016 and carried out peer-reviewing works for many reputed academic journals including IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, Information Sciences (Elsevier), Computers & Operations Research (Elsevier), European Journal of Operational Research (Elsevier), Applied Soft Computing (Elsevier), International Journal of Production Economics (Elsevier), International Journal of Production Research (Taylor & Francis), Assembly Automation (Emerald), Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal (Springer), Neural Computing and Applications (Springer) and Journal of Facilities Management (Emerald).

I involved in the program and organisation committees of well-recognised conferences, such as CIE48 - The 48th International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering (Wellington/New Zealand), META'18 - The 7th International Conference on Metaheuristics and Nature Inspired Computing (Marrakech/Morocco), AICA215 - International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Control Automation (Phuket Island/Thailand), OR55 - The OR Society Annual Conference (Exeter/UK), YOR18 - The OR Society Biennial Conference (Exeter/UK), and 19th National Ergonomics Congress (Balikesir/Turkey) among others. I have been accredited to the level of the Candidate Associate of the Operational Research Society UK (CandORS).

Contact Details

Balikesir University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Cagis Campus, 10145, Balikesir, Turkey
Tel: +902666121194 (Ext. 6407), Email: ikucukkoc [at] gmail.com, Website: ikucukkoc.baun.edu.tr